Observ 320

Every skin has a story.

Hvorfor Observ 320?

Observ 320 helps you demonstrate your expertise and contribute to the clients’ experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Observ 320 allows you to better understand their needs, so you can engage them in a conversation about their skin. Reveal the subtle signs of causes for skin aging, use before and after pictures to demonstrate the effectiveness of your treatments and easily showcase your best work on social media. Observ 320 does it all, while increasing the total sales of treatments and products by up to 40% in the process!

Observ 520x
Step 1


See the bigger picture to gain insight into your clients’ skin condition and how this relates to their goals and priorities.

Step 2


Show your client how their skin features and concerns contribute to their overall appearance.

Step 3


Use the before and after images to track treatment results and define new goals with your client.

Step 4


Confidently advise on a new skincare regimen and increase the sales of your homecare products!

Appeareance Analysis

All specifics revealed.